Withdrawal exceptions

You will understand that the linked bank account is both secure and efficient.  It allows us a reliably secure and cost-effective way of returning your money which will work in 95% of circumstances. 

But of course we want much higher reliability than that. 

We want - for example - to safely return you your money if your bank fails, or if your country of residence imposes restrictions which force you to leave and collect your money independently of your bank account.

In these circumstances you can change your bank link to a new account.  Changing your linked bank presents risks and involves some inconvenience, but it can be done without significant cost if your new bank manager is helpful.  The details of the procedure are subject to change, so if you need this service contact us, and we will explain what you have to do.

When you change a linked bank account there will be a delay in making a withdrawal.  For safety reasons you cannot immediately withdraw value to an account which has only just been registered.

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