Bulk Trade Bids

A bulk trade bid is the ordinary way for stock to exit the platform and for stock owners to realise their investment. It is the easiest way for an industry buyer to pick up a significant quantity of the whisky that they require for blending or bottling.

If you have a holding of this whisky you are not obligated to accept this bid but by not doing so risk retaining ownership in a low liquidity stock line with reduced attractiveness to potential future industry bidders.

You can find a full list of bulk trade bids and trade purchases & withdrawals including returns on the bulk trade bids page.

Your holding

There are no active bulk trade bids at the moment. You will be notified by email if a bulk trade bid for a whisky you hold becomes active.

To get the best chance of trading in future bulk trade bids, enable auto-BTB selling via the settings page.

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