Sending funds via CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair is an online currency-conversion specialist which aims to save its users money compared to converting currency through the main banking system. Also, CurrencyFair has local bank accounts in various countries, making it easier to send funds to them (including Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway).

  • You’ll need to sign up for a CurrencyFair account unless you have one already.
  • Make a deposit into your CurrencyFair account in your local currency.
    You’ll need to make these deposits from the same bank account that you are using with your WhiskyInvestDirect account.
  • Within your CurrencyFair account, convert your money into British Pounds.
  • Add WhiskyInvestDirect's bank details to your CurrencyFair account.
  • Transfer your funds from CurrencyFair to WhiskyInvestDirect.
    You must quote 'your WhiskyInvestDirect USERNAME' as your payment reference from CurrencyFair to WhiskyInvestDirect.

We recommend uploading (within your WhiskyInvestDirect account) a copy of your bank statement showing the transfer of funds into CurrencyFair. Confirming the source of the funds in this way helps us assign the money to your WhiskyInvestDirect account quicker. In some cases, we may require this before funds can be applied.

If you have used a different source bank account with WhiskyInvestDirect previously, then the funds may be returned to your CurrencyFair account and not be credited to your WhiskyInvestDirect account.

You may be able to obtain a better currency-conversion rate with CurrencyFair than with a direct bank transfer. To find out if their service meets your needs, check their website.

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Please note: WhiskyInvestDirect does not recommend any particular service for currency conversion and you assume full responsibility for any use of such a service.

CurrencyFair does not currently offer its services to US residents.


To transfer British Pounds from CurrencyFair to WhiskyInvestDirect

Name of account holder: WhiskyInvestDirect Ltd - Client Account
Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Bank branch: Gillingham Business Park, ME8 0LS, United Kingdom
Account number: 11950060
Sort code: 30-80-12
IBAN: GB77LOYD30801211950060
Payment reference/memo: Your WhiskyInvestDirect username