International money transfers from the USA

WhiskyInvestDirect only operates in British Pounds. US Dollars must be converted to British Pounds before the funds can be used in your WhiskyInvestDirect account.


1. Sending funds directly to us from your bank account - fast but may not offer the best currency conversion rate

If you send a payment in US Dollars, our bank will convert it to British Pounds at their standard conversion rates. Alternatively, you can convert the funds to British Pounds before sending your payment.You can ask your bank to do this for you, but you may be able to obtain a better conversion rate by using a specialist company.


2. Sending funds via a currency-conversion specialist - you may be able to get a better conversion rate

There are many money-transfer services that allow you to convert your currency and move the funds to WhiskyInvestDirect. However, not all have a US presence or accept US residents as customers.

The following companies offer currency-conversion and money-transfer services to US residents.

Please note: WhiskyInvestDirect does not recommend any particular service for currency conversion or money transfers. You assume full responsibility for any use of such a service. You should confirm with the money-transfer company that they offer a service that meets your needs before sending any funds.


Proof of source of funds

If you use a money-transfer service, we require that you upload (within your WhiskyInvestDirect account) a copy of your bank statement showing the transfer of funds to the money transfer service for each payment. You must send all funds from the same bank account that you have linked to your WhiskyInvestDirect account.

Confirming the source of the funds helps us assign the money to your WhiskyInvestDirect account. In some cases, we may require this before funds can be applied.

If you have used a different source bank account with WhiskyInvestDirect previously, then the funds may be returned and not be credited to your WhiskyInvestDirect account.